The document that outlines the status and governance structure of the Canterbury Hockey Association is its Constitution. At the 2017 Annual General Meeting held in February 2018, Members unanimously approved the adoption of an amended Constitution and this can be viewed in the link below. The main changes made to the previous Constitution and the reasons are noted in the Explanation Document provided to all Members as per the link below.

Canterbury Hockey Association Constitution
Explanation of Changes

Strategic Plan
The current strategic direction of Canterbury Hockey is outlined in its Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated by the Board annually. The plan will be the guiding document for the operational activities of Canterbury Hockey.  

The Strategic Plan below was presented to the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 28 February 2017.
Canterbury Hockey Association Strategic Plan

Annual Report
Canterbury Hockey Annual Report 2018
2018 Financial Statements

The following are the Board policies of Canterbury Hockey. Click on a policy name to view the policy document.
Child and Youth Protection Policy
Club Affiliation Policy
Code of Conduct - note: remains unchanged from 2018 except in Schedule 4 where four yellow cards will result in an automatic 1 week suspension stand down unless extended by the Judicial Committee.
Competitions Rules and Regulations
Competitions Rules and Regulations - Appendix 3
Competition By-Laws
Police Vetting
Representative Policy
Representative Social Media Policy
Head Injuries