The Canterbury Hockey Association delivers competition opportunities for its affiliated members (i.e. clubs and schools). For information on all our winter competitions please read further.


The main point of consideration will be the effect of the newly structured national tournament calendar for 2020. The 2020 tournament calendar reduces the amount of weekends players will be away at representative tournaments (previously this was four weekends, in 2020 it will only be two). Options for the two weekends where CPL will not be played included Hockey 5s, an 11-a-side mini tournament or rest days.

The option selected was to stick with the traditional Porritt Cup 4 match competition, starting with the double header to start the season. A double header on the Friday 3 and Saturday 4 April before the championship rounds start is a way of building into the season and providing more credibility to the Porritt Cup. Round three of the Porritt Cup will be played on Saturday 27 June when a number of U21 players will take part in the U21 High Performance Event. We are unsure how many players will take part in this event but it will potential affect less players than in previous seasons. The final of the Porritt Cup will be on Saturday 4 of July when the U21 and U18 players will both be away. Club feedback was overwhelming regarding the struggle for Division 1 teams having available players to play in CPL Porritt Cup matches during the weekends when U18 players are at national tournament. This problem will be fixed in 2020 as Division 1 will not play on the Saturday 4 July, allowing players to ‘fill-in’ for Porritt Cup finals if required.

The other significant change to the 2020 CPL structure is to the finals format. In previous seasons teams have been less and less willing to play lower playoff matches on finals weekend (two matches last season were rescheduled to mid-week by the teams playing). In the 2020 season the teams who finish 5th – 8th will play straight playoff matches during semi-final weekend e.g. 5th will play 6th and 7th will play 8th.

Season start date: Saturday 4 April
Number of championship rounds: 16 Rounds
Number of Porritt Cup rounds: 4 Rounds – 03/04, 04/04, 27/06 and 04/07
Dates with no games: 11/04 (Easter), 30/05 (Queens Birthday)

Division 1
In 2020 Division 1 does not have enough weekends to fit in a traditional season of two round robins followed by semi-finals and finals. So adjustments need to be made with considerations to player workload, venue availability, quality of competition and club feedback.

As a result Div 1 will play a double-header championship round on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April in the only available weekend before secondary school hockey starts, and after term one holidays.

The second significant point is that due to the reduced number of weekends there will be NO semi-finals in Div 1. Teams will play two full round robins throughout the season, followed by straight playoffs e.g. 1 vs 2, 3vs 4 etc. at Finals Weekend. Consideration was given to playing another double header during the season to allofor a semi-final round, but due to venue availability, player workload and scheduling clashes it was not viable.

As previously mentioned club feedback indicated that the U18 representative weekends were problematic. Div 1 teams who already had players missing on U18 duty then struggled to make players available for CPL Porritt Cup. To avoid this Div 1 will not be playing on the Saturday 4 July allowing all non-representative Div 1 players to be available for Porritt Cup finals if required. To also help, qualification rules will be relaxed. 

Saturday 11 July is the second weekend of U18 national tournaments. Div 1 teams will need to play this weekend to avoid further double headers. Points to note: CPL teams will have their U21 players back and will only have limited U18 players away, so they should require less Div 1 players to fill their teams. The second point to note is that Div 2 will not have any games this weekend so Div 1 teams will have the ability to draw from these teams if required.

Season start date: Saturday 4 April
Number of championship rounds: 19 Rounds
Dates with no games: 11/04 (Easter), 30/05 (Queens Birthday) and 04/07 (U18 first weekend)

Division 2 and 3
In 2019 these two divisions were combined due to teams pulling out at the last minute. In the 2020 season these two divisions will be separate. Div 2 should be used by clubs as the natural pathway for Platinum players who will be year 11 into senior teams. Depending on entry numbers there will be grading rounds at the beginning of the season to get the correct make up of teams in each grade.

Season start date: Sunday 5 April
Number of playing rounds: 18 Rounds
Dates with no games: 12/04 (Easter), 31/05 (Queens Birthday) and 12/07 (middle week of the school holidays)

Mid-week Open
The 2020 Mid-week open Competition will run in similar fashion to the 2019 winter season. In 2019 genders were in two divisions but this may have to increase to three if entries continue to increase.

Season start date: Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 April
Number of Championship rounds: 20 rounds
Dates with no games: Monday the 01/06 (Queens Birthday) and Tuesday the 14/07 (Middle weekend of the
school holidays)

Grass will run to the same structure as 2019. Games will again be cancelled if the City Council close the fields

Start date: Saturday 4 April
Number of rounds: TBC
Dates with no games: Saturday the 30th of May (Queens Birthday)

A significant change in the Platinum competition in 2020 is that the male grade will be played on Sunday to align with the female grade. Club feedback supported this idea and is a natural progression to run the competitions on the same day. The rule that year 9 and 10 must play in the Platinum competition will continue in 2020 and Canterbury Hockey will encourage strong 2019 Platinum players who will be in year 11 in 2020 to progress into Div 1, 2 or 3. There was wide support for not having games in the middle week of the term 2 holidays while still continuing to play the first and last weekend. This will align with all junior hockey grades.

Season start date: Sunday 3 May (end of the first week of term 2)
Number of championship rounds: 15 Rounds
Dates with no games: Sunday the 31/05 (Queens Birthday) and Sunday the 12/07 (Middle weekend of the school

Secondary School Premier (SSP)
The 2020 SSP competition length will remain the same as the 2019 season and player workload will be tracked through Canterbury Hockey initiatives as a significant number of SSP players also play club and representative hockey throughout the winter and can play upwards of 50 hockey matches a season.

As in 2019 there will be 7 teams in Rd1 of the boys’ SSP with the team placed 7th after the first round moved to SSL Div 1. The reason for this is because two full rounds with 7 teams does not allow us to complete the season before secondary school tournament week. Planning is underway for Games versus Timaru Boys’ High School. The Mid Canterbury turf is running near capacity so this may not be an option. Teams will be advised once there is confirmation on these games.

Season start date: Friday 1 May (boys) and Friday 15 May (girls)
Number of Championship Rounds: 14 rounds/13 games (boys) and 12 rounds/12 games (girls)
Dates with no games: 03/07, 10/07 and 17/07 (School holidays and U18 representative tournaments)

Secondary School League Division 1, 2, 3 and 4 (SSL)
These competitions will run from the first week of term 2 until the week commencing 17 August. Boys will remain on Friday nights and girls will stay on Wednesdays.

Season start date: Friday 1 May (boys) and Wednesday 29 April (girls)
Number of championship rounds: 15 Rounds
Dates with no games: Friday 10/07 and 17/07 (Middle Friday and last Friday of the school holidays – Boys) and Wednesday 08/07 and 15/07 (Middle Wednesday and last Wednesday of the school holidays – Girls)


The following update includes important information for junior club/school teams participating in Canterbury Hockey’s Junior Competitions in 2020. The information below has been signed off by Canterbury Hockey and its Junior Advisory Committee, after taking into account community feedback received via an online 2019 post-season feedback form. 

Mini Sticks Year 3/4

• No planned changes for 2020 

Kiwi Sticks Year 5/6

• No planned changes for 2020 

Kwik Sticks Year 7/8 6 a-side 

• The Kwik Sticks 6 a-side competition will be moved to a weeknight (preferably Thursday) – playing day will be confirmed in early 2020 

• A ‘standard competition’ will be provided for these teams, in addition to periodic Canterbury Hockey led training sessions and coach support 

• The reason for this change is to encourage clubs/schools to help provide their ‘new’ or ‘less experienced’ players with an alternative playing and development opportunity 

• There will be no requirement for a club/school to enter teams into this competition (although it is strongly recommended) and it will not affect team entry numbers for the 11 a- side grade 

• Clubs/schools may use Kwik Sticks 6 a-side athletes to fill in for their bottom 11 a-side teams on Saturdays 

Kwik Sticks Year 7/8 11 a-side 

• The Kwik Sticks 11 a-side competition will be one week shorter in 2020, due to ANZAC day falling on the tradition start date (last weekend of term 1 holidays). There is 15 weeks of competition scheduled. 

General Notes: 

• Canterbury Hockey will maintain its alignment to Hockey New Zealand and keep all junior hockey competitions playing halves (same as 2019) 

• Canterbury Hockey’s preference is to remove all 8am games and start all venues at approximately 8:30am. As a result, there may be a small increase of matches played in the early-mid-afternoon 

• A junior representative player transfer rule will be in place again in 2020, but Canterbury Hockey and it’s Junior Advisory Committee will review the current process and develop a more transparent transfer assessment system 

• Junior competition entries will close on approximately April 9 2020 (last day of school term 1) 

• The ‘Junior Super Six Tournament’ will be held 22 - 24 April. Please note, Canterbury Hockey intends to allow for more club/school entries in 2020 and will utilise either two or three days depending on entries 

• Competition structures for each individual grades will be provided once entries close and draws have been completed 

• All junior competitions will start on Saturday 2 May 2020, except for the Kwik Sticks 6 a- side grade which will start during the week leading up to this 

• For full junior rules and regulations please refer to Canterbury Hockey’s ‘Rules and Regulations’ document which can be found on our website through the link below. Please note, this document will be updated before the 2020 season, but a majority of the junior related content will stay as is. Website link - us/Governance-Documents


For any pre-season turf bookings please contact - Heidi Mikhail:


If you require a dispensation, please click the following link and fill out the corresponding form. Dispensations need to be received by 12 noon Wednesday, for a decision to be given by 5pm on the Friday. It is accepted that occasionally requests will not meet the deadline (as noted above); in such situations, Canterbury Hockey will not be held accountable should a decision not be possible within the time-frames needed by the requesting club. Any such requests should be followed up with an email immediately after lodging a "late" request. Decisions will be given to club secretaries.

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