14 Mar 2019

Masters 2019

Masters 2019

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Congratulations to the Canterbury Women's 45+ team who came home with the gold medal after remaining unbeaten in their six round robin games. The team scored 20 goals and only conceded three throughout the tournament.

Our Men's 65+ brought home the silver medal, while the Men's 60+, Canterbury/Hawkes Bay Men's 55+ and Men's 35+ all secured third spot.

Ten teams headed to Hamilton to represent Canterbury (including a combined Canterbury/South Canterbury team and a combined Canterbury/Hawkes Bay team) at the 2019 National Masters Tournament. Results are as follows:

M65+ Canterbury: Final standing 2nd
Round Robin
v North Harbour won 2-1 (Dave Balfour 2 – 12th/57th min)
v Kaimai won 3-2 (Dave Balfour 2 – 15th/36th min; Marty Higgins – 47th min)
v North Harbour won 1-0 (Warren Leonard – 36th min)
v Kaimai won 3-2 (Warren Leonard – 27th min; Marty Higgins – 48th min; Stanley Marshall – 52nd min)
1st/2nd playoff
V North Harbour lost 0-1

W60+ Canterbury/South Canterbury: Final standing 5th
v Tauranga 55s (Non Comp) drew 0-0
v Auckland 55s (Non Comp) lost 0-4
Round Robin
v Northland won 1-0 (Vicki Rewcastle – 2nd min)
v Tauranga/BOP lost 0-2
v North Harbour lost 0-1
v Auckland lost 1-2 (Linda Kenny – 3rd min)

M60+ Canterbury: Final standing 3rd
Round Robin
v Nelson lost 0-2
v North Harbour won 5-2 (Ian Smith 2 – 34th/35th min; Grant Peattie – 29th min; Jeff Garnett – 37th min; Wayne Wilson – 42nd min)
v Waikato won 1-0 (Gary Walker – 33rd min)
v Auckland lost 1-3 (Brett Smith – 10th min)
3rd/4th playoff
v North Harbour won 3-0 (Ian Smith 2 – 46th/58th min; Grant Peattie – 11th min)

M55+ Canterbury/Hawkes Bay: Final standing 3rd
Round Robin
v Wellington drew 1-1 (Craig Boaler – 2nd min)
v Auckland lost 0-3
v Tauranga lost 2-3 (Rob Jones – 40th min; Craig Boaler – 59th min)
v North Harbour drew 1-1 (Jon Laurenson – 53rd min)
3rd/4th playoff
v Wellington won 4-2 (Micky Hooper – 43rd/54th min; Craig Boaler – 17th min; Rob Jones – 52nd min)

W50+ Canterbury: Final standing 5th
Round Robin
v Auckland lost 1-2 (Ann-Marie Findlay – 29th min)
v Southern lost 0-4
v North Harbour won 1-0 (Sharon Harding – 33rd min)
v Northland won 3-1 (Wendy Fitzgerald 2 – 15th, 42nd min; Chris Errington – 20th min)
v Wellington lost 0-2
v Counties Manakau/Waikato won 1-0 (Wendy Fitzgerald – 58th min)

M50+ Canterbury: Final standing 4th
Round Robin
v North Harbour lost 2-5 (David McGregor – 32nd min; Geoff Bone – 44th min)
v Manawatu won 3-1 (Mike Rakowitz 2 – 37th/48th min; George Ridgen – 38th min)
v Waikato won 3-1 (David McGregor 52nd min; Phil Teague – 60th min; Jeffrey Woolford – 60th+ min)
v Wellington lost 0-5
v Auckland lost 2-3 (Phil Teague – 3rd min; Donald Yee – 14th min)
v Counties/Auckland won 1-0 (David McGregor – 45th min)

W45+ Canterbury: Final standing 1st
Round Robin
v Waikato won 2-1 (Sarah Hurring – 48th min; Carolyn Tooby – 50th min)
v Nelson won 3-1 (Helen Keast 3 – 4th, 25, 31st min)
v Tauranga/BOP won 5-1 (Helen Keast 3 – 16th, 20th 57th min; Carolyn Tooby – 24th min; Veronica Hay – 43rd min)
v North Harbour won 2-0 (Jan McDonald – 20th min; Carolyn Tooby – 43rd min)
v Auckland won 1-0 (Jan McDonald – 18th min)
v Hawkes Bay won 7-0 (Carolyn Tooby 2 – 32nd, 48th min; Janelle McKellow – 5th min; Veronica Hay – 12th min; Sarah Hurring – 15th min; Helen Keast – 37th min; Jan McDonald – 57th min)

W40+ Canterbury: Final standing 6th
Round Robin
v Northland lost 1-3 (Caroline Faass – 22nd min)
v Waikato lost 0-1
v Hawkes Bay drew 1-1 (Vicky Griffiths – 32nd min)
v Auckland lost 0-2
v North Harbour drew 2-2 (Amy England – 5th min; Rachelle Crause – 56th min)
v Manawatu lost 0-1

W35+ Canterbury: Final standing 10th
Pool B
v Otago drew 1-1 (Michelle Vann – 10th min)
v Tauranga/BOP drew 1-1 (Natalie McIlraith – 37th min)
v Northland lost 1-2 (Kirsten Asher – 54th min)
v Auckland drew 1-1 (Natalie McIlraith – 38th min)
v Central lost 1-3 (Michelle Vann – 41st min)
9th/10th playoff
v Waikato lost 1-2 (Natalie McIlraith – 26th minute)

M35+ Canterbury: Final standing 3rd
Pool A
v North Harbour won 5-2 (Brad Shaw 2 – 9th/58th min; Steve Christensen – 25th min; Ben Chorley – 48th min; Jonathan Pooch – 52nd min)
v Manawatu won 4-1 (Jonathan Pooch – 28th min; Steve Christensen – 32nd min; Brad Shaw – 38th min; Ben Chorley – 42nd min)
v Wellington won 3-1 (Gareth Greenfield – 9th min; Mark Paterson – 22nd min; Ben Chorley – 26th min)
v Counties-Manakau lost 1-5 (Brad Shaw – 46th min)
3rd/4th playoff
v Tasman won 3-1 (Ben Chorley – 1st min; Brad Shaw – 32nd min; Mark Paterson – 53rd min)


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