Regional Performance Centre


The Regional Performance Centre Canterbury (RPC Canterbury) delivers the high performance programme to the Canterbury region. It is the only programme in the South Island supported by Hockey New Zealand and endorsed by the Black Sticks National Coaches Mark Hager and Darren Smith. Hockey New Zealand invests directly into the regional development and training opportunities for players, coaches and officials.

The programme provides hockey coaching, skill development, strength and conditioning, player case management and specialist services for age group representatives, national age group and national players.

It develops and supports players that are capable of performing at the national league level, national age group level and enhances the performance of representative teams at the regional level and ultimately produce and support world class Black Sticks players, coaches and officials and nationally identified players living in the Canterbury Region.

Chris Leslie is the RPC Canterbury High Performance Manager (HPM). Chris coordinates and administers the programme. RPC Canterbury uses the Black Sticks providers - High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), to deliver sport science support in line with Hockey New Zealand’s high performance programmes.

The hockey component of the programme is administrated and delivered by the HPM with the assistance of Canterbury’s top high-performance coaches with specialist coaches also providing support.

RPC Canterbury has four levels; Elite (Tier One and Tier Two), Development and Futures. In each level of the Centre there are two main components to the service and support offered to players. They are hockey skills development and sports science support.

Elite Tier 1 - Players selected may be members of Black Sticks, Development, Junior Black Sticks and National Age Group squads. Players identified as having national potential may also be selected.

Elite Tier 2 - Players selected may be members of Canterbury Senior squads. It may also include national age group squad members.

Development - Players selected may be members or potential members of Canterbury NHL, Seniors, Under 21, Under 18 Regional squads.

Futures - Players selected may be members or potential members of Canterbury Association squads.

The intake for 2018-2019 is high with 81 players registered. Training commenced this week and will continue through to the end of February 2019.